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Food to Syria

Since the pressure has been rising in the Middle East, more civillians have been put under attack. The city of Madaya has been starved out, a technique considered a war crime: many have died and many more are in critical condition.

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Happy UN birthday

Born on the ashes of the horror and devastation of the Second World War (its first meeting held in Central Hall in London in 1946), the General Assembly has been the place where countries convene to find a common position on the pressing issues of the moment

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Nuclear North Corea: the UN Security Council tries again

This sequence of events has been seen before: the Democratic People Republic of Korea detonates an atomic bomb; the UN Security Council expresses its outrage and issues strong-language warnings and resolutions of condemnation. The DPRK does it again and the UN Security Council goes troough the same motions. How many more times...

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Cuban crisis: Sixty seconds from the end of the world

While the whole world knows that the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 was the moment when humankind came closer to self-annihilation, not many people know just how close. Newly released documents, discussed last month at the UN, reveal that nuclear catastrophe was averted only thanks to a US Air Force captain stationed in...

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#UNblue and Enlightened Universe in Central Park

To commemorate the United Nations 70 years of dedication towards international peace, the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon unveiled "Enlightened Universe", a beautiful sculpture in Central Park, designed by Cristobal Gabarrón.  We went to visit it, and ask Newyorker what they thought about it

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