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Will King Felipe Ever Reign over Spain?

After reigning for 40 years, King Juan Carlos abdicated. And yet no one is acclaiming his son who should become the King of Spain. Instead, the country is burning. Thousands of people are marching, chanting: “no pension for the Borbon” and “tomorrow, Spain will be a republic.” (Leggi in Italiano)

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Riuscirà Felipe a regnare sulla Spagna?

Dopo 40 anni al trono, re Juan Carlos abdica. Ma nessuno acclama il figlio che dovrebbe diventare re di Spagna. Il paese, invece, insorge. Migliaia di persone scendono in strada al grido: “Nessuna pensione per il Borbone” e “Domani la Spagna sarà una Repubblica”

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Uneducated Misguided French, Shouldn’t You Be Ashamed?

In France if you don’t believe in Europeanist Catechism, you will irrevocably be called a “Eurosceptic”. Or worse: a “Europhobic”. But resuscitating even Hitler is a convenient way to avoid talking about the present. Could it possibly be a a protest vote? Mystère… 

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