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An American Girl in Italy
Joan Erakit

Joan Erakit

Joan Erakit is an American writer and Essayist. Her work has been published by OkayAfrica, InDepthNews, The World Post, Cool Hunting and Marie Claire. She has written two books and is currently working on a memoir. She lives in Italy.

A Migrant’s Search for Home and Family

Our search for greener pastures has led us all to Italy -- some of us more privileged than others. Through writing and teaching I hope to do the most human thing possible: to restore the dignity so often lost when one is a migrant by simply welcoming them home, regardless...

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The Unexpected Beauty of Turin

I have had plenty of great experiences in Turin... The thing is, I’m an African first and an American second.  I will always be sensitive to the anxieties of anyone who has suffered pain, but more especially to those who look like me.  When I ride the bus and start...

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