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English Editor: Grace Russo Bullaro 

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GB Out: See EU Later?

The UK wasn’t a real member of the European Union, at least not like others. Why then are we shocked by the nation’s vote that sees Europe isolated when the seas are rough on the English Channel? Yet the EU...

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GB Out: See EU Later?

La Gran Bretagna dentro l'Europa non c'era mai veramente entrata, almeno non come gli altri. Perché allora sorprendersi per il voto di una nazione che quando su La Manica il mare è agitato, vede l'Europa isolata? Ma l'UE ha le...

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Brexit? Look Before You Leap

Let’s face it, dear little Englanders. Your country we all respect and admire, in spite of its great imperial past, and the huge advantage of having a global language called English everyone strives to learn or at least understand, is...

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