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cultural identity

Tradimento romano

Mentre assorbo i raggi di sole che Roma oggi mi ha gentilmente donato, la maggior parte dei miei ex concittadini, da Mulberry a 85th street e Madison, batte i denti in un altro spietato, gelido giorno d'inverno.  Mi sento mordere da un leggero senso di colpa. Come se...

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A Cultural Affair

As I currently absorb the rays of sun, empirical Rome has so graciously given me today, most of my former fellow inhabitants from Mulberry to 85th and Madison, are shivering on yet another unforgiving, icy day of winter. I feel a slight...

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Uniquely the Same

Language, food, sports -- the differences are many, but so are the things we all have in common. Although each one of us plays vastly different instruments, we are all part of the same orchestra (leggi in italiano)

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Pinch me

This time we are taking a trip backwards. Here is the voice of a New Yorker who just moved to Italy. Sometimes you have to be out of your natural element to find a new home (Leggilo in italiano)

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New York


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