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Joe Lauria

Joe Lauria

Journalist, born and raised in New York City, is the author of "How I Lost By Hillary Clinton." With over 30 years of experience in covering international affairs, Lauria is a former Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal UN correspondent.

The Second Amendment: An Irrelevant Relic

The Second Amendment must be repealed. It was written after a war in which a new nation without a standing army defeated the biggest standing army on the planet: to defend itself, the new country relied on citizens arming themselves in civilian militias. But the situation today is completely different:...

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Il Secondo Emendamento: una irrilevante reliquia

Il Secondo Emendamento è stato scritto dopo una guerra in cui una nuova Nazione senza un esercito permanente era riuscita a sconfiggere l'esercito più grande del pianeta: gli USA hanno dovuto basare la propria difesa sui cittadini che si armavano in milizie civili. Ma la situazione oggi è completamente diversa:...

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